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Dec. 11, 2011: Announcing Friends Of South Halsted! The Save The Ramova campaign has a new home: a new nonprofit organization founded by STR President Maureen Sullivan called Friends of South Halsted has been created to guide the Ramova renovation project as well as explore and guide the area's cultural and economic development. STR's good work costs money: you can donate today to Friends Of South Halsted using any credit card and the Donate button below. Funds will go directly toward the continued operation of FOSH projects including the Ramova research and renovation project.

February 2012 Fundraiser: Ryan Runs For The Ramova - Active duty serviceman Ryan Brazel dedicates his marathon run in Kuwait to the restoration of the Ramova - and we hold a fundraiser to celebrate. Get all the detals here.

Dec 8. 2010: Breaking News: Save The Ramova! is partnering with Illinois Institute of Technology's IPRO Program for the benefit of the Ramova Theater and its future renovation!

Beginning mid January 2011, STR and IIT's Interprofessional Program (IPRO), will start to work together to tackle the Ramova Renovation initiative.

IIT lauched IPRO in 1995. It has since worked with several major organizations on many major civil engineering, renovation, and technical issues. Past projects include Chicago White Sox, World Health Organization, Motorola, NAVTEQ, Tellabs and many others.

Our IRPO group will be a team of 10-12 students who will work over 2-3 semesters on feasability studies for our renovation/community center plan (drafted in 2006 by Rob Vagneris), architectural plans/models, engineering studies, business and marketig solutions, funding and other issues related to rebirth of the Ramova.

We will keep you informed here at of IPRO's progress and other important related news.

Bottom line: this work could lead to the renovation of the theater, so keep your fingers crossed!

Maureen and Rob
Save The Ramova

March 23: March 22nd's STR Meeting: Thanks to everyone who came - what a good-looking bunch!

Watch this space for notice of STR's next meeting in April and for upcoming neighborhood events!

October 5: Alderman Balcer Endorses STR!

"You have to do everything you can to preserve these great structures...I will fight for every inch that can be saved, see to it that it isn't knocked down and its interior is preserved as much as possible." - James Balcer, Alderman, 11th Ward - Chicago Sun-Times October 5, 2005

We thank the Alderman for his support in the pages of today's Sun-Times! Let's keep going and take our case to the developer and the city Department of Planing and Development! It's our neighborhood: we should guide how it changes!

Sign Our Petition To Save The Ramova Theatre

Welcome! Save The Ramova (STR) is a community group dedicated to raising public awareness of the architectural and cultural importance of the Ramova Theatre located at 3518 S. Halsted, Chicago Illinois. STR is affiliated with Preservation Chicago.

STR's goals are to collect petition signatures from members of the neighborhood, members of the architectural and cultural preservation communities and to present these signatures to city officials governing the disposition of the city-owned theatre.

Petitions on paper are being distributed around the community. You may sign the petition online.


Plans are underway to remove a substantial amount of the interior architecture of the Ramova Theater as part of a conversion of the building. The mission of our local citizens' group is to advocate for the preservation of the interior details of the Ramova Theater ceiling and walls. STR does not oppose conversion of the Ramova Theater to a non-theater use. However STR opposes removal of ornamental architectural elements of the theater and lobby spaces. These decorative features must be retained and restored. The Moorish balconies and sculptural details of the interior have great importance to the memories of many South Side residents. More importantly, these details must be preserved for the enjoyment of present and future citizens.

STR is a group of community residents committed to the preservation of the Ramova. We ask that city officials work to ensure that the archiectural details of the theatre be preserved and restored. Beginning August 14, 2005, we have circulated a petition in the Bridgeport neighborhood and we have placed an electronic petition online at this website. The signatures collected will be presented to city officials. Signatures and information collected will in no way be used for commercial or marketing purposes. Sign the petition here.

What people are saying...

"Just like the Music Box helped economic development on the north side, the Ramova would help to add a cultural aspect to the redevelopment happening
in Bridgeport.

"I want to save the Ramova because its community importance and architectural details should not be lost."

"As direct neighbors of the Ramova and supporters of the growing Bridgeport arts community we really hope that the Theatre is developed for an artistic purpose that contributes to and expands cultural and historical awareness in our neighborhood.."

Sign our petition today! Save the Ramova!

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